Shine On Crazy Diamond

First of all, I was familar with the paperback version of the story of Hooper before I was familar with the film. I can say that the book and movie are not all completly different, after all the book was written by the same gentleman who wrote the original story and the novel is based on the screenplay. However, the book’s advantage is that more information of the characters is offered, especially on Cully. It is the background on him that forms the basis of this fic.
The book gives Cully’s full name as Cully Dawson. And at the time of the movie (1978) he was 55 years old. The following passage from the book is basically what laid the final foundation for the story you are about to read:
…Cully Dawson also believed it was natural to want to nurture, to teach the new generation the secrets of your craft– prepare them to carry on in the right way when your bones wore out. Wasn’t that the reason men fathered children? Cully had never had any children, of course. His only marriage had ended after two months of nerve-wracking hullabaloo. He had met his wife at the Palomino back in the forties, when he was still a green recruit himself, and she, like so many other blonde bombshells, was hanging around Hollywood to land a job in a picture or, second best, a husband. Poor Mabel hadn’t been lucky either way. Cully had run off with her to Vegas on a dare…hers. And, of course, Mabel had been the one to call it quits after she sobered up long enough to realize she was stuck with what she called a “self- destructive neurotic.” Cully hadn’t believed it for a minute: he didn’t keep stunting because he wanted to kill himself, but because he loved it! His two months with Mabel had scared him away from commitments to women once and for all.
I was kinda dissapointed to find that he didn’t have any kids. When I started reading the book, I had the idea to do a next generation thing. The book introduces Sonny’s ex-wife as a character and Sonny even has a kid who’s 8 years old. I figured Sonny’s son, Cully’s daughter in the present time doing stunt work in Hollywood…..but as soon as I got to the above passage that idea went right out the window. ROFL.
So instead I shifted gears, changed direction and charted a new course. I knew I wanted Cully to be my focus (were you expecting any different from the author of “The Rosco Series” of Dukes fanfic? Khee!) and as quickly as the first idea subsided, the second one began to form…..

Clarifications and tidbits:
I just want to make something clear. (This is more for me actually. LOL). The Palomino Club is both an indoor/outdoor kind of establishment. It has a patio. So if you, like me, were watching the movie and the scene where Sonny’s there early in the morning and Cully shows up (this is after their tiff) you almost think it’s a bar with no damn roof! LOL. That’s what I thought anyway. =)
The blonde haired waitress that Sonny makes the comment about the bar closing so early (along with several other comments!) is named Debbie.
Cully’s Subarau Brat is in this story, so is Sonny’s truck. But here the GMC is blue as it is in the book and not brown like it is in the movie.
A Subaru Brat, for those not familar with it, is the Japanese version of the El Camino. You know, that half car half pick up truck thing? LOL.

I was kinda dissapointed with some of the cars in the movie. I liked Sonny’s and Cully’s cars (Cully’s Brat was white by the way) but the rest were just…well…blah late 70’s gas guzlers. LOL. The book makes them out to be much more colorful and customized. Ya know, fat tires, lotsa chrome, loud paint jobs. I was expecting ’68 GTO’s, ’71 Chevelles, Mustangs, some Camaros, more El Caminos, Firebirds, Plymouth Barracuda’s and RoadRunners. More classic cars were seen (and demolished) at the end of the movie then at any other point. Sheesh. Can’t ask too much I guess. LOL. In my story the cars are more colorful and customized. =)
Oh I should warn about the language in here too. If you’ve seen the movie, what I write here is actually TAME compared to the film. LOL. But still, just a warnin’ to y’all.
Legal Stuff:
This story is based on the novel by Walt Green, which is based on the screenplay by Thomas Rickman and Bill Kerby, which is based on the original story by Walt Green and Walter S. Herndon. What goes around, comes around huh? LOL.
Cully Dawson, Sonny Hooper, Gwen Doyle, Jocko Doyle and Delmore Shidski (Ski) were created by Walt Green and Walter S. Herndon. This story includes concepts from both the novel and the screenplay, but if ya read above, you’ll have no trouble following things. Copyright, Warner Brothers 1978.
The only characters I’m claiming as mine are Leeah Fredricks and her ex-boyfriend Jason Kerri and his two buddies Carl and Tom. And Doctor Jones. I think that’s it.


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