Demons and Angels


From the film “Hooper”…
Roger Deal, director: “Why don’t you call the studio brass? I want you to tell them–and their stockholders–and the bank, that it’s ‘only a movie.’ Will you do that Max? Will you tell them that they can just forget about all their money because it’s ‘only a movie?'”
Max Burns, producer: “I’ll tell them that no damn movie is worth somebody’s life!” 
For some reason, this story took a more serious turn. Originally my intent was to just write a story where Cully’s drinking gets way out of hand. Thing was, I couldn’t think of a catalyst to trigger his drinking getting out of hand. As luck would have it, I was cleanin’ out some stuff and found an old issue of People magazine from 1983. In it was an article about the aftermath of the accident that took actor Vic Morrow’s life during the filming of the Twilight Zone movie in July of 1982. A lot of finger pointing went on and a lot of stunt people at the time felt that things had gone too far. It seemed as though Hollywood was blatantly risking lives to make movies.
That sentiment was expressed in the original Hooper movie and the book, but not in so many words and it was not the focal point of the plot. However, the director, Roger Deal, in that movie wanted a stunt to be done and everybody kept telling him it couldn’t be done. At one point, Hooper says to the producer Max Burns. “Nobody ever got hurt on your pictures. What the hell’s happened to you??” (Thus my quote above.)
In the end, the stunt was done and all’s well that end’s well. But in 1982, it didn’t happen that way. Not for Vic Morrow and not for John Landis the director of that segment of the movie.
For this story, I reconstructed that fateful night in July to the best of my ability. No, I obviously wasn’t there and I have yet to find any actual eye witness accounts. All though the events are true, and the names and places are true (with the exception of the fictional characters of Hooper), the rest has all been fictionalized. My interpretation in no way is supposed to serve as a documentary or as a means to point a finger to who was really at fault, if anybody.
Cully’s drinking is not the party harty “fun” attitude of the movie or of my first fic, “Shine On Crazy Diamond.” This time around, Cully deals with what happens when booze controls every aspect of his life and nearly destroys himself and his family.
Clarifications and tidbits:
Pretty much the same applies here as it did in “Shine On Crazy Diamond.” The language in this one though is, compartively, a little more rough. Maritial strife and alcoholism are pretty heavy topics. There’s also some suggestive adult related content (suggestive, not graphic).
Yeah, I got cars in this story. LOL. New cars…well, different cars. ROFL. Check it out….
1981 Ferrari308 GTBi
1982 Buick Grand National
1982 Camaro Z28
Sonny’s truck is still here, Gwen’s Caprice, Leeah’s Firebird and Cully’s Brat. =)
Legal Stuff:
This story is based on the novel by Walt Green, which is based on the screenplay by Thomas Rickman and Bill Kerby, which is based on the original story by Walt Green and Walter S. Herndon. What goes around, comes around huh? LOL.
Cully Dawson, Sonny Hooper, Gwen Doyle, Jocko Doyle and Delmore Shidski (Ski) were created by Walt Green and Walter S. Herndon. Copyright, Warner Brothers 1978.
Incidentally, James Best did a lot of the rewrites of the original script of the movie. So I tip my pen to him too. =)
In memory of Vic Morrow…

Demons and Angels

Author’s Note: The song lyrics that preface this story are by Dimond Rio. The story
itself takes place in 1983 and yes I know the song obviously wasn’t around at the
time…but it’s appropriate anyway.

 He swore it was over and all in his past
A few hours later his hand’s ’round a glass
A voice on the left says, ‘There’s peace in the wine’
From the right a voice whispers, ‘Don’t do it this time’
When he looks for the answer down in his heart
Demons and angels tear him apart

She calls his name softly as she lies in their bed
Listens for footsteps and prays for the best
She knows that he loves her, knows that he tries
But if he comes home drinking she’ll leave him tonight
She waits for the answer and cries in the dark
While demons and angels tear him apart

For so long they’ve fought for his soul
The whiskey and the woman at home
And they all know he must choose the winner alone
There’s not much that’s sweeter than a new life begun
Ain’t much that’s sadder than a promise undone
He stares at the bottle, longs for her arms
While demons and angels tear him apart

When he looks for the answer down in his heart
There’s demons and angels that tear him apart

-“Demons and Angels”
Diamond Rio


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I love this story, I hope you may continue it someday. Thank you so much for sharing your talent for writing with us 🙂

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