Sustaining the Wings (Part One)

Author Note: Originally I had a very lengthy author note, basically a story in itself, attempting to explain why I wrote this story. But then I decided that, truthfully, I didn’t have to really offer any explanation. (Although if you’re curious about my ramblings, email me and I’ll share. LOL). I do want to note tho’ that the gentleman pictured¬†above has a very active role in this story and is presented as honestly, honorably and accurately as possible. I’ve actually surprised myself with some of what I’ve written, and then things I’ve read about him after I had written what I wrote. Perhaps the year 2004 had something to do with all of it. 2004 marked two significant anniversaries. The first being the 100th year of Glenn Miller’s birth (March 1, 1904), the second being the 60th anniversary of his disappearance (December 15, 1944). Put simply, the notion stepped forward and the story demanded to be written. And Major Miller made it clear from the get-go. He was not going to be relagated to just a cameo role….
 2005 Gold Medal Winner (2-way tie)
Best Original Character
Major Glenn Miller in Sustaining the Wings, Part One

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

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