One Hero for Freedom

“Freedom is the sure possesion of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” –Unknown.

Author’s Notes: I drew inspiration from three HH episodes for this lil’ tale. “Diamonds in the Rough,” “Bad Day in Berlin” and “Is There a Traitor in the House?” In “Diamonds in the Rough” a Gestapo Major by the name of Hegel somehow learned of everything about Hogan and Co. and attempted to blackmail them (he wanted 1 million dollars worth of diamonds for his silence.) It backfired and he was killed “accidentally” by the guards of Stalag 13. Although it was never said if Hegel kept notes, I wondered…what if he had? And what if everybody’s favorite friendly local Gestapo officer, Major Hochstetter got his hands on those notes. Can we say total free-for-all?? LOL.
Those familar with Hogan’s Heroes will recognize SS Major Hans Teppel from “Bad Day in Berlin.” He’s actually a good guy. =)
“Is There a Traitor in the House?” featured Newkirk agreeing to make a broadcast with Berlin Betty, under the guise that he was making a plea for his countrymen to give up arms and that there was no way the Allies would win against Germany. Actually, he was sending a coded message to London but the Germans didn’t know that. =)

2004 Silver Medal Winner
Best Protrayal of a Cannon Character
“Newkirk from One Hero for Freedom”

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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