Hogan’s Heroes

One Hero for Freedom — Major Hochstetter thinks he has a plan to trigger the downfall of The Underground and finally prove the existence of Colonel Hogan’s operation at Stalag 13. But he’s made one mistake. He targeted Newkirk… *Complete*

Sustaining the Wings (Part One) — Stalag 13 becomes the temporary stop over for a very important captured Allied prisoner, a US Army Major kidnapped from London on orders of the Propaganda Ministry. But this isn’t just any US Army Major…he’s one of the biggest morale boosters the Allies have… *Complete*

Sustaining the Wings (Part Two) — How do you get one of the most famous bandleaders in the world out of Germany? Very carefully…. With the Gestapo hot on the trail, the Underground runs into trouble in getting Major Miller to the sub. Colonel Hogan and the heroes offer up a potentially dangerous plan to decoy the Gestapo away long enough for the Underground to move the Major out… *Complete*

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