The Rosco Series

This series picks up where the last episode of the series, “Opening Night at The Boar’s Nest,” left off. Friends and neighbors, meet MaryAnne Coltrane and take a lookie at how much trouble she and her cousin Rosco can get into!
Last Updated: November 24, 2007 

Hello, MaryAnne (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…Say hello to the newest face in Hazzard County. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane’s younger cousin, who returns to Hazzard after 23 years only to get caught up with a couple of jewel thieves. Will the family reunion be ruined?

Hot Roddin’ Dukes (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…A friend of Bo and Luke’s from the Nascar circuit comes to Hazzard to seek the boys’ help with a new engine prototype. A rival race car driver and Boss’s greed make for a wild ride.

Counterfeit Coltrane (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…As part of his counterfeiting scheme against the Dukes, Boss puts Rosco under hypnosis “to make him a better lawman.” It all backfires when Rosco attempts to double cross Boss and MaryAnne gets caught in the middle.

Tri-County Sheriff’s Race (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…When Boss’s plan to substitute MaryAnne for Rosco in the first annual Tri-County Sheriff’s Race backfires, MaryAnne still agrees to help. So long as the prize money and the $10,000 bet that Boss (who put the Boar’s Nest up as collateral) made with a rival county boss is put towards reestablishing Rosco’s pension.

Maverick Frame Up (1985)Tonight, on the Dukes…MaryAnne’s car, Maverick, is stolen and used in a robbery in Capital City. Both Rosco and MaryAnne become suspects and end up on the run. But will they be able to find the real crooks before it’s too late?

Big Trouble, Little Package (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…A highschool friend of MaryAnne’s is on the run from a ruthless mobster, who’s trying to kill her and her baby.

Ladies Day Out (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…The men folk miss out when an convicted moonshiner returns to Hazzard to seek revenge on Boss Hogg, who’s only hope for survival is MaryAnne, Daisy, Lulu and the General Lee.

The Return of Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
(1985)Tonight, on the Dukes…A desperate SueAnn MacGraw returns to Hazzard to seek Rosco’s help, which, when he agrees, drives a wedge between him and MaryAnne. But Rosco ends up landing in jail in Alabama when he finds out SueAnn’s intentions weren’t sincere.

A Time to Heal (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes….An old flame of Rosco’s returns to Hazzard to help heal his heart after the mess he had been in in Alabama. Two men seeking to settle a score with Boss make things complicated. This story is a sequel, if you will, to “The Return of Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane.” It also references a story called “The Confession” originally part of the Coltranes of Finchburg Series but is being placed in another series I’m working on. “The Confession” currently is not posted.

Hazzardous Duty (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…Ten years after being convicted of murder in Florida, Pike Belanger escapes from prison and returns to Hazzard to settle the score with Rosco and MaryAnne, who had caught him on the unrelated charge of drunk driving ten years earlier.

No More Chances (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…Finding himself worrying more and more about MaryAnne’s safety since the incident with Pike Belanger, Rosco goes so far as to have Boss fire her. A battle short of all out war breaks out between the Coltrane cousins and MaryAnne has to find a way to prove that she can handle herself and dispel Rosco’s fears.(Another version of this story called “The Battle of Hazzard County” can be found on Crazy C’s and Fann’s Place.)

Boss’s Mistake (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…MaryAnne points out to Rosco how much Boss snookeredm him out of his cut and both end up being fired when the discrepancy is brought to Boss’s attention. Boss hires a shady character for Sheriff, the cousins Coltrane join the state police and everything that could possibly go wrong, does.

The Rockford Files/The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard Pursuit
Chapter One |Chapter Two |Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |
(1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…While investigating a four year old murder, LA private detective Jim Rockford travels to Hazzard County to see the former LA rookie cop who believed the widow’s theory on who the killer is. Rockford also lights a fire in MaryAnne’s eye.

Santa P. Coltrane (1985) Tonight, on the Dukes…Financially hard pressed, and with Christmas three weeks away, Rosco manages to make his own Christmas miracle, and save a special “Coltrane.”

Tough Call for Rosco (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…Dixon Conners returns to Hazzard to settle a 25 year old score with Rosco, threatening to harm MaryAnne if Rosco doesn’t comply with his demands. (Believe it or not folks, this was where my Dukes fanfic writing all started. Back in 1996, this story came to mind, which brought about MaryAnne and was the start of the adventures of the Cousins Coltrane. =) Ain’t nothin’ been the same for ol’ Rosco since!!!)

Find General Lee (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…After overhearing Boss and Rosco planning to have the General stolen for two other crooks, and then hearing the two crook’s plan to ‘silence’ Boss and Rosco after getting the car, MaryAnne makes a bold move and steals the General herself.

Sweet Dreams, Rosco (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…Battling the flu, Rosco dreams of a typical day in Hazzard County, with a bit of a twist.

No Warning (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…After being caught by a twister, MaryAnne becomes stranded in her wrecked patrol car and badly injured. Braving the still raging storms, Rosco heads out to find his cousin…and bring her home.

Remembering Ethan Josiah Duke (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…For 24 years, the death of Daisy’s parents has haunted Rosco and at a chance meeting at the gravesite of Ethan and Lea Duke, Jesse finds out why. (Short story. This is the precursor to “Roses For Daisy.”)

Roses for Daisy
Part One | Part Two
(1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…Atlanta gangster Frankie Tyler wants revenge on the former Atlanta police officer and country Sheriff that brought about his downfall back three years earlier. He sends two of his hoods to Hazzard to bring Rosco and MaryAnne back to Atlanta but the hoods grab Daisy by mistake. Rosco has a chance to redeem himself to Daisy after she learns of what happened when her folks passed away, but how high of a price will Rosco have to pay?

One of Those Days (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes….It’s plugged tail pipes, pink patrol cars and more tricks and hijinx when Rosco and the Dukes get caught up in playing practical jokes on one another. Meanwhile, Hughie Hogg comes to Hazzard looking to snooker Boss. Celebrity Speed Trap Victim Dwight Yoakam sings “Guitars, Cadillacs.” (Complete with a sound byte of the song! Khee!)

Rivington County vs. Coltrane (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…The boss of Rivington County attempts a squeeze play on Boss Hogg’s hold on Hazzard, by having Rosco and MaryAnne arrested on false charges just as a crime wave hits the county.


Rosco ‘n MaryAnne Mini Series: Race Fever (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…Rosco and MaryAnne take part in the last 10 races of the 1986 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race season. MaryAnne must find out who’s sabotaging the team’s cars and why. Rosco finds love. And together the Coltrane cousins find trouble in the fast lane! =)


Ames Train (1986) Tonight, on the Dukes…It’s the week of Halloween and when a 140 year old barn is about to be demolished, a long missing law man is determined to have the story of his death unearthed, and for some reason Rosco and MaryAnne are the only two who can see him…

No Time for GoodByes (DOH/Quantum Leap) (1986/1987) Tonight, on the Dukes…Sam leaps into Rosco to try to save his cousin MaryAnne from being killed, but things become complicated when it’s learned that another leaper has lept into Rosco in a time period that’s just two weeks later. *Complete*


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  1. Sarah Kramer says:

    I know you may never actually get this message because the site has not been updated in a long time. But I love your stories my parents grew up with Dukes of Hazzard and they introduced it to their kids and we love it but since there are no more episodes being made your stories are just like watching an episode. Thank you so much. I bring them to my mom and now she’s addicted.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment! I do keep an eye on this site to keep it maintained but you’re right it’s been awhile since I last updated with a new story. I’m glad you found the stories and enjoy them along with your mom. I grew up on the Dukes too. 🙂


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