The Kin Series

The bond of family is put to the test when Rosco and MaryAnne discover a long lost cousin, who turns out to be a Syndicate hitman.

Please be advised that stories with a * carry a violence and language warning.

Ya know…this started as a trilogy. Now we’re up to more than just three stories. See what happens when ya let stuff like this get outta hand? =)

Y’all should note that this series takes place on a parallel/alternate time line from the MaryAnne stories and many of you will notice references to “The Confession” and “Roses for Daisy.” We’re just tryin’ to make things interestin’. Khee!

Last updated: June 1, 2004



K1: Kin By: Lisa & Cuz — Brian Coltrane is given a contract that takes him to Hazzard County, where meeting his long lost kin face to face may jeoporadize the hit, for reasons other than their badges. *

K2: Crossroads By: Lisa & Cuz — Brian gets hell for missing the hit on the Dukes and is sent back to Hazzard to prove his loyalty to the Syndicate….by killing his cousin, MaryAnne, and finishing the hit on the Dukes… *

K3: Ultimatum By: Lisa & Cuz — The Coltranes come under fire from both sides of the law, when they threaten an alliance that would kill to keep it’s secrets… *

Richochet By: Cuz — An old acquaintence of Brian’s is looking to settle a personal score… Note from Cuz: “The character of MaryAnne Coltrane used with permission. Thank you, Deputy, for your ongoing inspiration. (Khee!)”

South by Southwest By: Cuz — Imagine Alias Smith and Jones, Maverick, and Bonanza…Coltrane style. =)

What if Kin Was a Musical….? By: Cuz — Well? What if it was?? Note from Lisa: This was originally written April 2001 and wasn’t intended to be posted. But after seein’ a DOH spoof on a Monty Python number…I couldn’t resist. ROFL

Easter Deals By: Cuz — Holiday time at the Coltrane house…Oh lawdy.. Khee!

Flight of Fury By: Lisa & Cuz — Rosco gets a new patrol car and while testing it out, nearly loses his life…

Mistaken Identity By: Cuz — Brian gets caught by….Starsky and Hutch?!?! Y’all better not go to the refrigerator now… LOL Author’s Note: This is for MaryAnne and Daney. All characters have some magic in them…and everything is possible with imagination.

Hell’s Tapwater By: Cuz — More western adventures for Brian, MaryAnne and Rosco! MaryAnne’s kidnapped by Indians…and then turned over to the US Calvary! Can Rosco ‘n Brian save her, and stop a Union Captain from taking his frustrations with all things Confederate out on their cousin, and the town of Hazzard? The character of MaryAnne Coltrane used with permission.

K4: Color of Law By: Lisa & Cuz — MaryAnne crosses the boundary of the law for one mission. But will her sense of duty and commitment to justice make this mission her last? And what will happen to Rosco and Brian….? *

Black Rose By: Brian — Brian finds deception in the most unlikeliest face… Warning for language and adult sitations. NC-17. Reader discretion advised.

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