Coltranes of Finchburg

The Coltranes of Finchburg
(Young Rosco Series)

These stories take place before the Dukes of Hazzard series started (before 1978), so they’re a chance to find out what Rosco may have been like when he was an honest lawman. Some of these take place in Hazzard, others in Finchburg County.
Last Updated: 2000

The Kidnapping (1974) — On the verge of losing his pension, Rosco heeds to call of State Senator Richard Everett whose daughter has been kidnapped and is being held in Hazzard County. With only the help of 17-year-old MaryAnne and his Uncle Eli, can Rosco get the Senator’s daughter back alive?

The Winds of November
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four
(1963) Rosco’s Uncle Eli is framed for transporting moonshine, thrown in jail and Child Protective Services takes six-year-old MaryAnne. Can Rosco get custody of her long enough to get Eli out of jail and cleared of the charges against him?

2 Responses to Coltranes of Finchburg

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have been enjoying these stories for months–I keep coming back to them to re-read.

    One, though, is missing IMO….and it’s Rosco’s turn to the Dark Side, if you will: when he decides to go crooked. How he came to his decision (and did Boss Hogg really rig the bond election so that Rosco’s pension was lost, therefore setting him up for the fall), how it affected the Coltrane family, etc–it was briefly alluded to in one of your stories, how Eli and MaryAnne reamed him out for tarnishing his badge. But I would also love to hear how his sisters & mother took it (and Hortense is a severely under-used character, the way she gives JD Hogg the business in the one episode of the show she’s in is priceless!)–do they even realize it, or do they choose to stick their heads in the sand about it, so to speak.

    I would love to read your take on this, if you are still writing! And thank you for publishing these online for us to read, they are wonderful.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Love these works so much! I may be mistaken but was there not another story in this section before? I think Rosco had a crash and hurt his back in the story? If that was yours I hope it comes back up 🙂 I really enjoy your work. Thank you!

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