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The early stories in my Dukes fanfic series known as The Rosco Series first saw the light of a webpage back in 1996 in the “Book’n Room” section of the old “Hazzard County Sheriff’s Department” website. Then in 1998, I started a web page on Geocities and called it “Lisa’s Dukes of Hazzard Fanfic Page.”  With a crash course in html coding and a lot of help from my friends, I posted the stories of The Rosco Series. Not long after, I started a submitted fanfic page that eventually grew so much I spun it off into a site of its own, “DukesofHazzardFanfic.com.”

My own fanfic remained at the “free” web hosting sites like Geocities and then moved to FortuneCity when Geo shut down. During this time my fanfiction was growing, encompassing fandoms beyond the Dukes of Hazzard. Tired of the issues I was having with the “free” web hosting sites I carved out a piece of DOHFF to place my stories in July of 2006.

Truthfully, posting a Hogan’s Heroes story on a domain name that says “Dukes of Hazzard” always felt odd to me. But it was better than what I was dealing with at FortuneCity at the time. However, I always had the intent in mind to someday finally set up my fanfiction on its own site again (only without the pesky problems of the “free” website hosts).

Well, that someday is now. Welcome to BlueInkFiction.com!

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  1. zephiey says:

    Just read the newest Southern Cross story with Bill and MaryAnne. It was fabulous. Now I need another so we can move this little romance between our favorite FBI agent and deputy sheriff along.

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